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CIC is pleased to announce that we have released our first wave of IWOM syndicated reports on topics such as IMF, Auto, Mobile Phone. For more information, please contact us.
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IWOMexplorer: Standard IWOM metrics of social media for consumer and digital intelligence.

IWOMexplorer is the first platform in the world to use sophisticated, patent pending Chinese language text mining technology developed specifically for the unique Chinese social media environment. This analytics tool is capable of 'slicing and dicing' massive volumes of consumer comments within specific industries in any number of ways, leading to powerful insights for more effective brand communications.

Learn more about the special features of IWOMexplorer, please read our press release here.

Contact us for more information about full access to our dashboard, as well as our syndicated and customized services as part of our complete IWOM solution or see our corporate site.

For more on what makes us different than others, see below.

The Sanlu crisis only fueled the concerns of the Chinese consumers regarding IMF safety, and ultimately transformed the parenting category of the social media space, which now witnessed increased numbers of young Chinese parents searching for reliable, trustworthy information. Since then, IWOM has been one of the most important sources of information for Chinese consumers in this category.

In 2010, we collect 1.7+ million messages from top parenting BBS in China and cover 46 brands in our pre-defined industry database which have been categorized and mined according to a library of terms (including Internet slang) centered upon and describing IMF brands, products, and attributes.


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