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Q01. What is IWOMexplorer™? >>Top

  IWOMexplorer™, a platform for Social Media insight, offers fully integrated dynamic analysis of IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth). IWOMexplorer™ provides marketers with fast, flexible, multi-dimensional insights into mass IWOM concerning a particular industry, as well as with a solid grasp of the industry’s development dynamics and strategic information and guidance for brand promotion and Internet community marketing.

  Utilizing the core technology previously only available to CIC's analyst team, IWOMexplorer™ is powered by CIC's patent pending text mining engine developed for the unique Chinese social media landscape. It is a simple yet powerful tool for understanding the Chinese consumer and the digital world they live in.

Q02. What are the features of IWOMexplorer™? >>Top

  IWOMexplorer™ is a platform specially created for brand communication strategy and brand insight: IWOMexplorer™ is customized for the needs of Chinese marketing professionals, offering quantitative analysis of Chinese internet word of mouth and comprehensive analysis of strategy and insight. Analysis of data covers the content and trends of IWOM, buzz drivers, source media, opinion leaders, etc.

  IWOMexplorer™ witnesses a rich Chinese IWOM research experience, unique Chinese IWOM text mining and analysis techniques: With CIC's powerful semantic search technology and industry-specific keyword taxonomies built by CIC through many years of experience in the China market, there is no need for keyword programming - users can simply select from pre-programmed menus covering hundreds of different brands, products and attributes. It is not only easy to use, but also allows for more convenient data query.

  IWOMexplorer™ offers objective, comprehensive and professional measurement and analytics from a 3rd party perspective: CIC is an independent China IWOM research and consulting firm. Since CIC does not do marketing execution or 'buzz marketing' of any kind, CIC can offer a '3rd party' perspective void of the inherent conflict of interest that comes with marketing agencies which try to both "influence" and "measure" the buzz they create. Furthermore, our solutions come from almost 6 years of an exclusive focus on working with Fortune 500 clients to understand the essence of IWOM and IWOM analytics.

Q03. Who is IWOMexplorer™ best suited for? >>Top

  The marketers, product researchers, and Internet information researchers, who are interested in brand-related discussions or discussion trends on social media, can enjoy in-depth analysis of the discussions related to brands and products with IWOMexplorer™.

Q04. How can IWOMexplorer™ help you? >>Top

  Brand Strategy: Helps you to understand the general industry conditions and hot issues in comparison with competing brands.

  Social Media Marketing:Assists you with marketing themes and activity design, the choice of marketing media and target groups and the assessment of marketing effectiveness.

  Product Management:Provides you product-related user feedback, improve products or services.

  Consumer Research: Consumer research, explore new business opportunities.

Q05. How is the industry data of IWOMexplorer™ defined? >>Top

  BBS is IWOMexplorer™’s main source as BBS represents the type of the social media with the most extensive reach in China. Each industry contains groups of popular and relevant Chinese BBS communities. Every year, CIC selects the most popular industry related e-communities and vertical sites for each panel. The selection is based on a series of indicators, such as search engine results’ contribution, site/community ranking, and CIC data quality assurance report. The end result of this process is a list of the most popular and professional e-communities that talk about your desired industry, brand and product, ensuring that any strategic insight revealed to the brand and client is based on high quality and highly reliable data.

  If you cannot find the community you are interested in, please contact us.

Q06. What industries does IWOMexplorer™ cover? How often is the data updated? >>Top

  Currently IWOMexplorer™ covers the automobile industry, the mobile phone industry and the infant milk formula industry. The data will be updated monthly and you can access the previous month’s data on every 20th.

Q07. How does IWOMexplorer™ collect fees? >>Top

  Prices for each industry are in accordance with the amount of data and analysis you need. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Q08. What type of results will IWOMexplorer™ give you? How are they presented? >>Top

  For any purchased industry data, we offer you six analysis widgets for free! Those widgets will show you the category buzz volume and IWOM activity overview, and provides you with the IWOM performance of your desired brands and products. You can also determine the top 10 brands, products and buzz drivers from 3 different angles.

  Should you need a more in-depth industry analysis, we also offer four analysis widgets charging a fee for you to choose from: IWOM Health Analysis, Hot Topics Analysis, Hot Community Analysis and Top Efluencer Analysis.

  All of the analysis widgets can be freely combined according to your needs to create your personalized results. You can choose to log on to IWOMexplorer™ to query results at any time, or you can receive an analysis summary in a PDF file via email.

Q09. Can I track my own brand/product? >>Top

  Our pre-defined industry database already includes the hottest industry players. From a simple drop down menu or via a search in the brand menu page, you can quickly find the brand and product you are interested in.

  If you cannot find the brand/product you are interested, please contact us.

Q10. How can I learn about what each IWOM indicator means? >>Top

  In 6 years of IWOM research and consulting experience focusing on Chinese IWOM, CIC has built a full set of "IWOMized" measurements and indicators for different IWOM aspects, such as Brand and Product overview, E-community analysis and Efluencer analysis.

  IWOMexplorer™ integrates our complex index system, allowing you to understand IWOM from different angles and for different business needs. If you need more information about a particular index, please go to the Glossary section on the FAQ page.

Q11. Can I check raw messages or original posts? >>Top

  Yes. If you are interested in a particular spike in the trend curve, you can click on the node to read through the related raw messages. Any chart on the IWOMexplorer™ is clickable, allowing you to find the raw data.

Q12. I have a question and/or a suggestion, how can I contact the IWOMexplorer™ customer support team? >>Top

  We will continually improve and optimize IWOMexplorer™, so your questions and/or suggestions are always welcome! Ways to contact us:

  (a)、Communicate with us through IWOMexplorer’s online customer service.

  (b)、(b) Send an email to our service team: contact@iwommaster.com.

  (c)、Call our customer service number: 021-52373860 * 258.